Welcome to Brightflower Farm

Dearest Friends, Customers, Colleagues,

I have been blessed for the past 15 years to have been able to immerse myself in my true passions: flowers, plants, small business, and running my own show. And, because I am stubborn, I love hard physical work, and you all continued to cheer me on, Brightflower Farm was a success. Trying to pick out one reason for wanting to sell the farm is impossible. It just became clear that it was time for me to focus my life and energy on something else, or maybe someone else.

We are enjoying 2 grandchildren now and Michael is recovering from surgery after a diagnosis of bladder cancer. It is time to spend more quality time with family. Of course, there are still many plants and flowers that are going to be grown by me, it is my passion and makes me deeply happy. I am currently restoring an old barn on my property to include a greenhouse and since moving from the farm last September, the number of trees, bushes, perennials, vegetables, herbs, flowers, that have been planted is past one hundred, and I am just getting started!

Many thanks to all who have helped along the way, I never would have lasted without you. It is hard to say goodbye and goodnight so that is not how I’ll close. I’ll just know that we will cross paths again, since we are all lovers of touching nature and smelling the earth and its beauty.