The Farm

The farm started in 2006 when Michael and Jeanie moved all of their stuff and plants from Grayslake to Stockton (with a brief stopover in Chicago and Zion) and settled in to a single-wide crusty trailer. After lots of paint and help from a great carpenter and plumber, people now walk into this seemingly still crusty trailer and say “Oh this is really nice inside!” We still hope to build a nice little house we can call home but in the mean time we have a great place to share our lives and run the farm.

The farm started out growing Certified Organic Herb and Vegetable starter plants and we sold them to grocery stores and independent garden centers. In 2014 we began solely growing flowers and dropped the Certification however, we have not changed our growing practices. We grow over 100 different types of flowers on about 2 acres of fields located in Stockton and just over the border into Wisconsin. We have a fabulous staff with some having worked for us for 10 years, others 4 years, others more than 5. We wouldn’t be growing and producing such amazing quality without such a dedicated and knowledgeable staff.