Our Story

Michael and I have journeyed together through this life 40 years in March 2019. The threads of gardening and food have woven in and out during the years and have kept us together in harmony the entire time. Food and flowers are shared passions of ours and Brightflower Farm is the culmination of many years of sharing.

Jeanie McKewan

Jeanie’s working career gave her several opportunities to start businesses for entrepreneurs. The depth of experience gained from those occasions gave her the tools to launch her own business. In 2006 she and Michael bought the farm and Brightflower Farm was born! She has enjoyed sharing her experience with other flower and vegetable farmers around the country speaking at conferences, and at the farm when new “wannabe” flower farmers who come to learn for the day or the season. This past summer she sat with her friend and colleague Debra Prinzing in Chicago, and shared her story: enjoy listening!

As founder of Brightflower Farm, she is devoted to providing beauty and fullness of life through her flowers and plants. Growing flowers, eating good, flavorful food, and stunning colors are her passion and she feels incredibly fortunate to be able to earn a livelihood providing people with all of these things!

Michael Staver

Michael has been my most passionate supporter and my life partner for 40 years. When Brightflower Farm started, Michael had ended a long and successful career in cancer research. He then taught at Kendall College for 5 years, after that he taught cooking and food science at University of Illinois, Chicago. He retired 2 years ago and delivers our beautiful flowers to Madison and the nearby florists as well as helps when he can on the farm.

He is now teaching cooking classes in the Lifelong Learning Program at Highland Community College in Freeport, IL. He is truly at peace when he is in a kitchen with delicious smells and beautiful music wafting through the room. He loves to entertain a kitchen full of new or old friends cooking and teaching along the way. His teaching dinner parties are great fun: your kitchen and your friends, your fun! Email us for more information.