DIY Wedding Flowers

Wedding DahliasBrightflower Farm grows a large variety of cut flowers available from late May through mid-October, selling wholesale primarily to florists and event planners. We do sell buckets of our flowers to local brides for those who wish to place their hands on the flowers! Wedding flowers are available for pick up at the farm by appointment only and average cost is $90 per bucket. These buckets are “Grower’s Choice”, which means for $90 we will fill the bucket with the most beautiful and freshest flowers growing in our fields and greenhouses that week. If you want to choose the colors and we can accommodate you with those colors, the charge per bucket is $125.00. In either of these buckets you will receive about 80 stems consisting of a mixture of focal flowers, color and filler flowers, and foliage and textures to complete your floral pieces. There is a minimum purchase amount of $180.00 when picking up at the farm and payment must be made ahead or at time of pick up. Appointments are only available on Fridays or Saturdays. Contact us with your party or wedding plans and schedule your pick-up well in advance of your special day. Because of the seasonality of our products, brides need to be flexible with flower varieties and colors. We will do our utmost to gather the right flowers for your special event.

We provide minimal arranging of flowers; if you are interested in a full service florist, contact Jason at Chateau Floral and Home in Darlington, WI.   Please let him know how you found him and ask him to use Brightflower Farm for your flowers!

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