We make spectacular mixed bouquets at Brightflower Farm. We pick all of our flowers at either our Stockton, IL or Gratiot, WI location and assemble them at the farm in our facility that we fondly call our garden center. All of us are involved in one way or the other in the cutting, cleaning, assembling, sleeving, and delivering of our lovely bouquets. In 2014, our bouquets either went on our truck to Chicago and suburb stores, or packed in boxes and then shipped to the Whole Foods Market Midwest Distribution Center and then shipped to more stores in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin!

Our bouquets are different from those produced in the automated bouquet factories.  Each one is a hand crafted work of floral art and ready to plop into the vase.  Cut-Plop-Drop! The flowers in them are arranged with some tall and some short so your customer will not need to re-arrange like the mass produced ones. Some of them you could put in the middle of the table and it could be enjoyed all around, while others are meant to be put on a side board or counter top and enjoyed from one side. As I work on my bouquets I often think about what vase will be used and where it will be put in the home!  Many of the Floral Specialists in the grocery stores merchandise them in mason jars with raffia or ribbon, or put them in decorative vases and up-sell them.