Brightflower Farm grows the highest quality, most beautiful and fresh, cut flowers in Illinois! Our list is long and includes Ranunculus, Peonies, Sweet William, Bachelor’s Buttons, Snapdragons, Celosia, Sunflowers, Amaranth, Campanula, Godetia, Lisianthus, Dahlias, to name a few. We have 1.5 acres of cut flowers in Stockton, IL along with many flowering shrubs, small fruit, grasses, hostas, and more. We rent another acre in Gratiot, Wisconsin from our dear friends Stewart and Greg.
We market our flowers in Chicago at select florists and event designers, at many Whole Foods Markets, and in Madison and Milwaukee through Fair Field Flowers. We make fabulous mixed bouquets for grocery stores; ask us for details and pricing. If you are interested in purchasing our flowers and our awesome mixed bouquets please contact us anytime.

Ranunculus start to become available in late March and April.  We grow them in our greenhouse at 35° in bulb crates. Our peonies are available from mid to late May, depending on whenever Mother Nature decides. We dry store them in our cooler which enables us to sell them through June and into July; what a treat to see Illinois grown peonies on your table or in your bouquet in July! We ship our Illinois grown peonies all over the US; please let us know if you are interested. We only have 600 plants and many more buyers so give us plenty of notice if you are looking for dozens!
View a listing of our flowers.