Michael Staver has been my most passionate supporter and my life partner for 35 years. When we began Brightflower Farm, we each set off on a new pathway in our lives. When we started, Michael had ended a long and successful career in cancer research and was teaching at Kendall College in Chicago. In the Culinary School he taught Vegetarian Cuisine, Food Science, Fermentation and Cheese Making, and Barbeque. He taught at Kendall for 5 years. During that time he started teaching at the University of Illinois Chicago in the Nutrition and Kinesiology Department where he now teaches Food Science, Introduction to Foods, Culture and Food, and cooking labs to support each class. His love of information and good food make him an incredible teacher to these young nutrition students.

He is truly at peace when he is in a kitchen with delicious smells and beautiful music wafting through the room. He loves to entertain a kitchen full of new or old friends cooking and teaching along the way. His teaching dinner parties are great fun: your kitchen and your friends, your fun! Email us for more information.

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