Brightflower Farm was established in July 2006 by Jeanie McKewan & Michael Staver. The four-acre nursery is situated in the Driftless Area of Northwestern Illinois in Stockton. All of Brightflower Farm products are produced using strict organic principles and until 2014 all plants grown at Brightflower Farm were Certified Organic.  We decided to no longer certify our plants primarily because we mix our flowers from all of our various farm locations rendering them co-mingled and not certifiable.  In 2014 we discontinued growing starter plants in the large quantities that we had in previous years and now instead of using our greenhouses for the many flats of starter plants, we are now transitioning them to grow cut flowers. We sell to wholesale and retail florists, event designers, and grocery stores.
In the global food & flower market, the staff at Brightflower Farm recognizes the keen desire and need by all to have fresh, safe and healthy foods and flowers grown locally. It is with great pride and pleasure that Brightflower Farm provides sustainably grown flowers for your enjoyment. Please call or e-mail Brightflower Farm with your questions, orders, or suggestions for specialty items.

Walk in beauty,
Jeanie McKewan & Michael Staver
founders & owners, Brightflower Farm